Anatomy of the Upper Limb

I have been developing this asset for a while now…not sure of the exact time investment. I should have kept track. The primary anatomical reference was the work of Frank H. Netter, MD to name one of MANY. A large amount of research went into the development of each System.

The goal was to create super accurate anatomy, clean geometry and UVs (UDIM); while trying to cram as much resolution and detail into it as possible.

The Circulatory and Nervous Systems were initially create with Zspheres. The Lymphatic System was created by painting spline along a surface and cleanup with Zmodeler.
The skin of the hand was manually sculpted including the finger and palm prints. I created a few custom alphas to speed up the sculpt of the tertiary form for the arm portion but most of it was also manually sculpted.

Hair is VRayFur.

Color is just straight hand painted polypaint.

More shots can be seen on my artstation and twitter accounts.

This model will be available to purchase in the ArtStation Marketplace soon. I’m selling this asset in the hopes to fund further development of the entire human anatomy.


Wow, I’m very impressed! It looks like a lot of effort was put into this :muscle:

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woow that’s cool

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:slight_smile: looks too much like the real thing lol very nice!

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Fantastic works and renders :clap:

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Yeah, just a little bit :slight_smile: I actually really enjoyed creating the circulatory and nervous system with Zspheres :joy:

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Thanks Jaime!!

I don`t even know what to say! :astonished:
That is amazing!

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I want to print this and stick it on my wall. Absolutely stunning piece

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Thanks! I added a BPR of the Zsphere setup of the circulatory and nervous system…I might have gone a bit overboard :slight_smile:

Thank you! Very nice of you to say :slight_smile: