Anatomically perfect 3D scanned anatomy head to help with sculpting faces

Hi All,

I want to build an outstanding anatomy reference model head to help artists develop their skills. I have spent a lot of time trying to sculpt from pictures but I always felt constrained by the lack of actual depth. The anatomy head I’ve designed is my way of solving this problem and creating a tool that can be used by artists of any ability to hone their life drawing and sculpting skills (both digital and real world).

In order to make this goal a reality I’ve just launched a kick-starter campaign to create a 3D scanned and printed anatomy head - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/723639710/the-anatomy-head-for-artists

As the head is made from a 3D scan it should be anatomically identical to the model. As part of the rewards scheme, the 3D scans will be available as .stl and .obj’s (digital sculpture files) so it will be possible to work from the life model and sculpt on the digital model simultaneously.

Here’s are some images of the concept model, (the finished one will be more accurate as it will be 3D scanned)

You can also see a rotatable model on sketchfab -

I am extremely excited about this model becoming a reality, if anyone is interested then please feel free to contact me.

Kind regards,

Pete Andrew

P.s. If anyone has got any wisdom with regards to the whole thing I’m definitely pro constructive criticism. Also, I am aware that the zbrush forum rules state that ‘that you will not post any messages that are advertisements of products or service’, at this stage the anatomy head only exists as a concept and therefore is not a finished product or service, I hope this isn’t being to economical with the truth and If anyone feels that it is then I’m happy to remove all links and mentions of the kickstarter. As previously mentions I hope that the whole project will lead to the creation of a model that will help people improve their anatomy skills and feel more confident as artists a result. The world needs good artists and I hope someday to be one.