An old tutorial for ZBrush->Maya displacement

Hey all,

I remember a couple of months ago, I saw a thread with an explanation on how to move a model from ZBrush to Maya, and how to set up lighting in Maya, and shade the model, to get a nice result for presentation.

In the tutorial, he wrote that in ZBrush you should export your model to Maya’s extention, which will take care of all the settings for you to get your model accurately displaced. Then he showed his lighting setup and settings for linear workflow, and the final result.

I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for this tutorial. Does anyone know where I can find it?

Are you searching for the GoZ feature? Check zClassroom for that, it´s pretty neat :slight_smile:

Hey thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

Actually I was talking about a tutorial where the guy used ZBrush’s export to .ma option to transfer all of the displacement properties including approximation editor and all that, straight to maya.
He then gave a certain lighting setup which works really well, and finally a few settings to tweak in order to get better results in the final render.

I remember it had awesome results no matter where people used it, and I’ve been looking for it since I lost it a long time ago…

hm… if you find it, post it here :slight_smile:

But dont you think the GoZ feature might give good results? You could try.

Well I’ve actually dealt a bit with rendering, GoZ doesn’t work as well. It seems like exporting works much better.

It’s not moving from ZBrush to Maya that’s a problem actually, it’s more about the lighting setup and mental ray properties that I wanna get from that tutorial. It really had a quick and easy way to get great looking renders, which is very good for what I’m dealing with these days. I will surely post it here… if I find it from another source. :slight_smile:

Perhaps it was a Digital Tutors video? I certainly recommend that site ($45 a month to watch as many of their videos as you like). I learned a lot in the two months I used it.

It was a thread here if I remember correctly, just a step-by-step guide. I stumbled into it while looking at somebody’s work, he rendered using the setup in the thread and gave a link to it. Now I can’t find neither his work nor the thread he linked to… :frowning: