Amnc --- Materials --- 3/16-?


Hi everybody.

Thanks to Svengali we have a great little plugin called Zmats! If you don’t already have it…get it here! This is gonna hopefully be very useful for you and your fellow challenge takers to hold some new cool materials.

This week’s challenge is going to be left open so that if you create a new great material in the future you can post it here so Pixologic and fellow zbrushers can find it quicker!

Anyway this challenge is to challenge you guys to create some materials. We will start off with some categories and if you can think of some others…we’ll add em too. So…
here are some categories of materials that might be useful to fellow zbrushers:

The Ultimate Skin The Ultimate Metals
The Ultimate Wood The Ultimate Marble
The Ultimate Water The Ultimate Glass
The Ultimate Terrain The Ultimate Stone
The Ultimate Fabrics The Ultimate Alien


  1. If your material is dependent on a light setup…please post that up as well. Also tell us the render settings you used for that best render!!

  2. Please post an example of your material at work!

  3. If you learned something about any material settings, please share those too! Specially if you used any special curve settings.

  4. Also if you used a material that is color dependent, let us know what the rgb color settings are.

  5. You can start a challenge within this challenge…for instance…if you are having trouble creating something like in this recent thread then by all means challenge your fellow Zbrushers to create it!!

  6. OOPS! Almost forgot the most important part…
    Please please please…include your nick in the name of the material so that we might give you credit later on when we use it!!! for example …

This and all MNC challenges are open to everybody!! Newbies…if you discovered a new cool material…share it with us…all you vets out there have learned something along the way…please give the rest of us some hints!!

This mission, should you choose to accept it is for fun and bragging rights only, ZBC and Pixologic have nothing to do with it other than allowing us to have fun with their fantastic program, no prizes other than the pride and kudos you get from creating something cool and if your lucky some kudos from the likes of Meats and Antropus etc.

Good luck and have fun exploring!!


here !!














Thanks Jotajota!!

oops had to edit because Jotajota’s typing fingers are faster than mine!!!:smiley:

Here is a new material to play with and tweek.
this is the first time that i have played with the materials settings so i just
made it up as i went along with no techical no-how
By the way great idea for a thread, if everyone had a go we would have a
great range of new materials to play with.
re : here is a sample render.matrial-test.jpg

What a fantastic thread, i must work in new materials for this post :wink:

My little contribution.

Hope you like it.

A ver si os gusta


PS: Standards Lights with Zmode shadows

Another material, it´s a Gi material with ligths.

Let me know what you think




I used this barbed wire before, here is the rust I used prikkeldraad.jpg

fiber-display.jpg Hello folks, good to see you all again,… wowzer lots of new stuff here today,

I’ve gone over past post, and man oh man am I’m impressed… hope you all like a return image.

Hi all, I think this thread is a great idea, I was playing with the fiber brush the other day and came up with this. I thought it made a good grass material. :smiley:

heres another oneflaked-bronzerender.jpg

A nice marble material is not easy to make , that is if you dont use a texture map !
I made this kinda fake looking plasticmarble , if you use the diffuseslider in channel 4, you can give it a nice glow at the rim of the objekt you use this material on !



For all you Boot lovers BlackLatex.jpg

This looks like it’ll be a good thead I’ll have to make something. But I’d like to plant a thoughtseed about a future zbrush implementation.

Now that we have 4 shader materials it would be really handy to be able to turn each one off or on independently. That would make designing materials so much easier.


Fantastic everybody!!! You guys really made my day!!

And you really set the bar with these great materials!!!

Keep em coming!!

:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :grimacing:

Have you try to mix with the MaterialPack by Pixolator ?
Ps I suppose that this version works with the Zb2 ?

hi Frenchy!!

yes material pack plus Southern materials work well in z2.

infact they are great foundations for creating and learning how mats work.

and by the way…you sir are not excluded…I challenge you to create an interesting material or 6 with the version you have!! I know if you take it up we are all infor a treat.!

Is it stone, …is it wood…? Who knows ,and it has a lot of decay, so i named it stonewooddecay…or was that woodstonedecay.?..


tip: The zip file contains the ligth setup also.


:smiley: :smiley: I love this Thread :smiley: :smiley:

I think you can alway’s use nice rust…so here is one