Alvori Striker

Hey there everyone,
My name is Hezzie. I have been working in Zbrush on and off for about a couple of months as part of my pipeline for creating game asset like clothing and minor stuff.

Alvori Striker was my first in depth Zbrush project based on Michael Bills Concept http://michaelbills.blogspot.com/201…efore-bed.html

I came into this project with the mindset to get it done quick and fast because it appeared to be simple. But the more I worked on it, the more I felt the need to change some things from the original concept to help reinforce what I was learning in Zbrush. My favorite part of the process had to be poly painting. I enjoyed learning the process of layering colors and learning so many different techniques, approaches, and color theories, which is the nice part about art. Everyone has there own style. For me, style is there own view of perspective on life and imagination.











Very nice work… I’m impressed.

I wasn’t that much when I saw the first 2 images… but then soon realized how skillful you are. What seemed at first like weird proportions (mainly her hips and breast) turned out to give you a very very interesting pose and a well balanced character.

Well done !

Sure thanks, I put that first image there to show the process i went through in developing the model. the anatomy was way off so i begin to refine the model until i was satisfied.
I Believe its good to see sometimes the errors and flaws we make as artist and how learn from our mistakes and work hard until we have a desired look. Like looking at an Artist drawing and you can see the original sketches underneath the Final piece, lol:)

I totally agree.
Nice chara.

Are you going to animate her for import in the gameengine you will be using?
Cryengine? Unreal? Unity?

Very nice work!! ^^

Great style! I had same immpresion about the first but the rest of images shows that you know what you’re doing!

@Jake, Nah not for this model, I definitely would have took a different approach if I had to retopo it to get it into a game engine, But If I had to choose I would have probably made it for Unity. I love the Unity Engine.

Nice job making Bills concept into 3D, great execution start to finish :+1:

I agree, but… your’s came out waaaayyyy cooler! Your rendition has more of that ‘humpf’ to it-:wink: