Alpha & Texture loader


I miss this script " Alpha & Texture loader".
unfortunately the last available scripts are not compatible with zbrush 2018 .

is there any equivalent zscript to load Alphas and texture with no hassle in zbrush 2018?

thank you in advance

No one uses that script?


Here is a revised version I wrote for ZBrush 4R4. I did a few tests and it seems good for ZBrush 2018.

To install, unzip to your Desktop and copy the AlphaLoader4R4.zsc file, TextureLoader4R4.zsc file, AlphaLoaderData folder and TextureLoaderData folder to the ZBrush 2018\ZStartup\ZPlugs64 folder. Then restart ZBrush.

AlphaTextureLoaders4R4.zip (60.8 KB)

Note that there is an issue with only part of the image being shown in the large view whereas originally the whole image was shown.
Also when the plugin loads a texture into the Texture palette it won’t be automatically selected.

HTH,AlphaTextureLoaders4R4.zip (60.8 KB)

Thank you very much
I’ll try it definitely! :slight_smile:

I used that script. It’s ok