ALPHA BRUSH repository

Oh yeah, I’ve got some, I’ll put links up on my next day off.

Thanks to you both for sharing these aphas. They are very useful and well designed! Now if I only had the talent to use them to their fullest :wink: .

I had no idea this thread existed!

Thx for the alphas, and hope there are more to come!

Thanks for the alphas, very handy, cheers :]

:+1: Most excellent! Thank you very much ! ! !

Great ideea, thanks!

Thanks for sharing. Excellent idea.

thanks you for share :+1:

Thank you very much for sharing these great Alphas.

Thanx! I appreciate that.

am I going crazy or is there already a repository on the pixologic site that already has these alphas?..its been there the best part of 12 years

…i remember, GNOMON had a complete set of these Alphas on DVD, then ZBrush included a few of them.

hi damirgmartin
great to see your thread’
i am unable to download those alphas.please send me alpha at anupanand5424@gmail.com

thanks again

Awesome idea! Thank you for the alphas!