Allmight Muscle Form

Hi. This is my personal work
‘Allmight Muscle Form’
from Japanese animation “My hero Academia”.
I made him in zbrush for 3d Printing Purpose.

Thanks !

Allmight_Super_01 Allmight_Super_02 Allmight_Super_03 Allmight_Super_04 Allmight_Super_05 Allmight_Super_06 Allmight_Super_07 Allmight_Super_08 Allmight_Super_09 Allmight_Super_10 Allmight_Super_11 Allmight_Super_12 Allmight_Super_13 Allmight_Super_14 Allmight_Super_15


You can check WIP for him in my Instagram :

Thanks !

Good start, your model may gain more visual appeal if you breakdown the symmetry… :wink: cool NPR renders.

Thanks for ur comment :slight_smile:

Yea, I think so. I will concern about that for the next work !