All Migth - Boku no Hero Academia / My Hero Academia - FAN ART

Hey guys

Here is my Fan Art of the All Might from Anime My Hero Academia /Boku no Hero Academia.

This anime is the most important to me, and special!
I spent and spent hours watching this wonderful story.

I will make more FanArts from other characters in my spare time! What do you think?
I spent 3 days making this Fan Art. I was not satisfied with the result, but I couldn’t spend more than 3 days to do it.

I hope you like it.


Nice muscle structure! :slight_smile: I need some of those muscle fibers myself too… lol

Nice work Young @FabianoCarlosCoelho! Cue All Might laugh :smile:

Just 3 Days :exploding_head:? I am no near this level of sculpting! An being a fellow enthusiast of the show this work is simply stunning. I hope that one day hopefully soon i can reach your level of work. this piece has reignited a passion for this program for sure. Thank you for this post!

nice work :ok_hand: :blush: