Aliennaut, the slugg project


with this character I decided to present a alien exploring new planets for the search of life forms. A scientific aliennaut.

More to come. Hope you guys like it.



Love it, reminds me a bit of Admiral Ackbar :slight_smile: Is it a Zbrush render?

Tks SlothMachine Prague,

yes it’s a Zbrush render composite from the beauty pass, Zdepth pass, and a occlusion pass. And then , composite in a final image in photoshop.

Love it . Really nice concept.

That is one awesome piece!

Tks a lot Razaur and vlad74,!:smiley:

very nice, has a inherent coolness about it. Also is that water inside his helmet?

Tks tyrellcorp, yes its water in his helmet to keep him moist since he his a aquatic alien creature.

i really like it

Tks a lot Sho3d, its appreciated.:smiley: