Hi everyone, this is my first post and first model ever. I am completely new to 3d programs. Ask me to do something in Maya,3ds etc and I wouldn’t know where to start. I came across zbrush and thought it looked fun. This has been a huge learning curve. The only thing that stopped me from kicking my computer and throwing zbrush out the window as I tried to understand what I was doing was the awsome work on here, thanks for the inspiration! Would love to here your coments.
I modeled this fella over a weekend
alien final 1.jpg


alien final 2.jpg

alien final 3.jpg

Hi bremel,

Nice work for someone who never touched a 3d program before. Really Good work. I believe that the Z Power is running in your vains, so keep it up and continue to work with Zbrush. Natural talent you got there. Don’t waste it, keep working with Zb and soon you will be on top of everybody. :lol:
Honestly very nice for first time, just wished I had more time to work on my model hihihi. :wink:

Very nice first touch. You have very similar story of starting with ZB as I have. Now, 2 and half years later, I am very glad, that I started and wasted some time into this beatifull hobby. I hope so you will be. Good luck.

I played around with some colouring in ZB and Photoshop


painted final.jpg

Thanks guys for the kind words. Its great to here from fellow ZBers