Alien sketch

Hi here`s a alien sketch that i am doing just for fun,i will post more soon,
please,comments will be welcome

Alex Oliver


good job on the detail…can’t wait to see it with color

Exceptional as usual!

Gotta say though, I went to your site and was blown away by what I saw. As good as you are with ZBrush, you’re even better with real sculpting. Really nice stuff there.

Very nice sculpt! I love the harsh wrinkles and details under the eyes.



Always something good coming from you.
Hope we get to meet up some time.
Ever come to Prague?


original! …I like it

I really like this. His got a lot of character and great expression. Good job. I hope there’s a body. Man he’ll be cool.

Really like your new Alien sketch. Post more soon :slight_smile: :+1: :+1:

alexleia, i really love your models but i think that material is detracting from them a bit. makes them look a bit like they’re made out of cheese or caramel. it’s just the color though. everything else looks great! :smiley:

reg18- thanks!!i still working on the sculpt,soon i will texture it!

KrakenCMT- thanks buddy!!

AndrewHwang-thanks !!

Mr.Monster-hi!! will be a pleasure meet you! some day i will be in Prague,thanks!


brettSinclair- hi thanks!! it will be just the head!

SolidSnakexxx-thanks!! im posting more now

industripop-thanks !! i will do anothers renders with another color

here`s some upadtes more, i still working on the small details




Hi all,
one update more;


Cool Character. Well done. Very much sci-movie dude.

Fantastic sculpting !
This is my favorite Zbrush sculpt that you have done.
It’s got the fluidity + confidence of technique of your traditional sculpts. Brilliant character + detailing.

:smiley: :+1:

Extremely nice work. Cool design and excellent execution.

This guy rocks! Super work I love the fleshyness, and scale style work to the head…solid design concept.


SS810-thank you!

JoeWamp-thank you!


here`s som views more


I will stop the Alien a time ,i am working in a girl now just to study sculpt without simetry.
i will post updates soon,
i will try look to something really beatiful now ,i m tired to see just monster.
please, comments will be welcome
Alex Oliver


hi, I just wanted to say I have really enjoyed looking at your work as of late. I think your doing some nice detailing work. I do have one thought to throw out at you, I hope you don’t mind. I feel as if your original forms can be pushed further. More structure, more fluid shape would take your detailing even further.
Keep up the great work
the thrill

Never tired of seeing monsters, especially when they are done so well as this. Don’t mind looking at some very nice human modeling either :+1:

These and the other models of yours are very good. Watch out you don’t burn out doing so many in succession. I would love to see a finished render of some your models or perhaps some accessories. Headdresses and armour come to mind, whatever it takes to keep you going making more :smiley: Monsters already have such a bad rep we don’t need the creators saying they are tired of them :wink:

Hi TVeyes, is an excuse to say hello my friend!
glad to know about you! we( my family dont forget your post deidcated to us) lake…reflection…the sun…) you remember?
The best for you

alex: just let your power freely run!