Alien Sketch WIP


So this sculpt was originally intended to be of a wise friendly alien but I’m slightly worried that it’s slowly turning into a mangalore from fifth element. I’d love some feedback so let me know you think.

The first image is my latest version and the second is an older version. I’m worried that perhaps I’m perhaps making his face too complex. what are your thoughts? I’m not certain if i should have more areas of rest or if I’ve got the right balance. Also I feel the area around the eyes is kinda weak right now. This is my first time posting any progress on Zbrush Central and I was hoping to get feedback to help improve my shape language and silhouettes so any feedback is appreciated!
I’m also currently trying to do more sketches to just get quicker at sculpting and ideating so I intend to develop this as far as a good sketch but I’ll probably wont develop it to a production ready model.

Here are some process updates for this project which I finished recently

Alien_guy_wip_10 Alien_guy_wip_11 Alien_guy_wip_12 Alien_guy_wip_16 Alien_guy_wip_17 Alien_guy_wip_18 Alien_guy_wip_19

more updates for this project

Alien_guy_wip_23 Alien_guy_wip_24 Alien_guy_wip_25


substance painter viewport shot.


maya render test, i decided to de-saturate the head details in the end but this was the first attempt

final comped render