ALIEN sculpts for 3d printing

It’s been a long time, but I decided to share some of my stuff on here. Been feeling inspired lately and decided to step away from other mediums to get a few of these out of my head. Hope you like them.


Queen Print… Sunlu Wood PLA… ETA 3 days 6 hours.


Next sculpt to print. My son loves the graboid monster so I want to make him a plaque for his room.

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Airbrushing coming soon. 3 days to print.

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Awesome work man. Huge old school Giger fan here. Love the printable details you were able to get.

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I appreciate that! Thank you!

3d printed in wood… airbrushed and lacquered… I’m happy with it. It’s my first print of my own sculpts… I usually just print hinges and stands for tablets. Boring stuff, haha.

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Next to be printed and painted… Up next, the dog alien from Alien 3.

looks like you’re having fun! :slight_smile: nice

I am! Ever since I got my printer I’ve been going nuts! I’m legally blind, and sort of gave up on art for a while, but now I’m getting back into it just to overcome my weaknesses.

Just finished painting my little bundle of joy, haha.

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Finished the Alien 79 wall relief.

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working on a wreath to print for a friend for Halloween.

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Next up to print.

Graboid is almost finished! Printed on my cr10

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On to the warrior alien!

Next on the printing list.

The first one was sculpted from memory… I was obviously way off hahaha. I’m much happier with this one.

3d print.

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