Alien Mushroom

This is an alien mushroom character that I made while taking Pablo Munoz Gomez’ Ultimate Zbrush Guide course to improve my knowledge and skills in zbrush. This is my version of his original character. I like the way that it turned out so I wanted to post it here to share with the Zbrush Central community.

I hope you like it : )

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I plan to continue to try to make cool zbrush sculptures for the unforeseeable future.


Neat design. Clean sculpt, too.

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Thank you Aurick ! I appreciate the kind words.

Awesome piece! Thanks for sharing :mushroom:

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Nice one @chrisgonzalez, looking forward seeing more of your works :wink:

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Thank you Natashaa :heart::heart::heart:

lol thank you Jamie I will do my best :+1::+1: