Alien in mech suit WIP

Hi :slight_smile:
This is my first post here a WIP alien character in a mech suit.Started off making the helmet as a practice on hard surface techniques in Zbrush ,nd now on its way to becoming a full character…
I am concepting this character on my own,drawing inspiration from all the great work i’ve seen…and its very very time consuming!!..as im pretty much new to doing this kind of thing…keep changing and trying out different stuff for even the smallest parts
im pretty much done only with the bottom mech of the leg and the rest is still in concept stage…intend to get done with this one to get better at concepting characters in zbrush…:)…




A little update to the model…working on building the feet,i would move to other parts only once its 80 -90% of this is done(which would mean minus detailing).
I just love qmesher,seems dynamesh would soon gets phased out in upcoming versions of Z with a few minor tweaks to qmesher…:)…just brilliant.Creating base mesh has come to simply remeshing,dynamesh and qmesher!..nd you have a quick nice topology mesh ready to sculpt!..:slight_smile:zbcentral update_01.jpgzbcentral update_02.jpg

Little Update!!..been changing the guys overall stance to develop character further and other corrections as i realised it,formed the hands,worked more on the bottom of feet,its 70 % done…moving topwards slowly…
and now i fear if i am mixing up different styles of mech…ie,for one, there are some solid panneling seen,then there are areas with bulkier masses…:(…both of them look nice,but… i will fix on one eventually…ITs taking time,but i am learning and getting comfortable in the process,gradually…


Another update here.some more form and parts.

and again with more tweakssss…


it’s coming along really nicely :slight_smile:
looking forward to more updates!

Thanks Fynn…will post updates as soon as i have more to show…:slight_smile:

The front part of the suit is pretty much done…the creature skin texture has work…Some feedback or critique would be greatly appreciated at this point!

For me personally the design is so bad ass mate, cant wait till you finish it and see what you come up with design wise!
Great work and have fun sculpting this beauty!!


well done, great details. :sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Thanks guys!
Its relieving to know that the effort is worth,means a lot to me…:slight_smile:
KC - Thanks again for ur kind words…,but I doubt if I would be working on the lower half of
the guy,currently working on the design of back part of suit…:slight_smile:
Freewaldo - Thank you,will post updates soon!

Worked on the back armour…Few touch-ups on the overall armour and some work on the body to go…
Hope its coming well…:slight_smile:

Done with suit design,and skin textures to go.Did some test render from keyshot

Great work, i like so much mech suit design

Good concept, you’re on to something.

Thanks ROXE,Freewaldo…Any suggestions to further improve the look would be most welcome,…:slight_smile:
for now im trying to introduce smaller details in areas which seems rather clean,to make it more appealing.This was a feedback I received from my peers…