Alien Grenadier

Hey all!

Been following ZBC for ages and I’m amazed by all the inspiring work here.
Pretty excited to join this community! My first post nervous.
Got introduced into ZBrush by a friend of mine back in the day right before version 2.0 came out.
So yeah, it’s been quite a journey already.

I thought to introduce myself I just post a few images of one of my latest projects. So lets go, hope you like it :slight_smile:
This creature buddy could be some kind of special trained grenadier using jump stilts and auxiliary thrusters to reach the top of enemy battle mechs to place his sticky bombs.
The model is actually not textured yet. I’m only using displacement maps for the skin parts and simple normal maps for the fabrics.
It was a collaborative project with my friends Perry Leijten and Karim Baz. Perry did an amazing job rigging him and Karim created a cool idle animation (end of this post).
Software used were ZBrush, Modo and Photoshop.

Some final renders:

In ZBrush I translated the 2D sketch into a 3D concept so Perry and I could do some deformation tests early on.
I mostly used a set of standard brushes that come with ZBRush.
The armor changed a bit during the sculpting process.
Perry had a great idea for making the armor more functional and adding more range of motion without losing the original design intent.

Once the sculpt was done everything was exported into Modo for re-topo and remodeling for Sub-D.

After the mesh was finished I brought the skin parts back into ZBrush to sculpt the final skin detail. Below is a screenshot of the head with a detail pass.


To wrap it up I’ve uploaded a capture of the idle test animation.
Thanks for dropping by guys! :slight_smile:

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Super nice model!! Really inspiring; thanks for posting!


Oh man - this looks incredible! Great job on making this grenadier seem so agile and mobile with the jetpack + stilts
Thanks for posting your artwork ! Hope we get to see more in the future :slight_smile:

I’m loving the combination of organic sculpting with hard surface, great work :+1:

Love this piece. Thanks for sharing. Excited to see what you put up next.

Thanks so much guys! Really appreciate it!
I already have other projects in the work and will post once I have something done :slight_smile:

Congrats on top row! Amazing work. I will be purchasing the tutorial.

Tip to the hat Ben, that is one sexy beast. You must have been working so hard to create this creature, recording the video tutorials AND crunching on Guerrilla’s new game ‘Horizon-Zero Dawn’. Well done sir, congratulations!
Your videos were very enjoyable to watch and listening to. One of the few useful tips you gave was spot on, if artists aspire a career in the video games or VFX industry than being a ZBrush cowboy alone is not enough.
I hope to catch-up with you guys when I visit Amsterdam. -Rudy

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Thanks dude, much appreciated! If you have any questions, just ask.

Thanks for the kind words man! It was a lot of late night hours :smiley:
Crunching for Horizon, going home, eat and continue on the Grenadier. But it was fun :wink:
Let us know once you’re in AMS so we can go for drinks!

Brilliant work.

Wow…super inspirational! Love the design!

These are great to see. And your Artstation pages are inspirational. Are you using Zmodeler for your hard surface work? or are you making all the small non-organic pieces somewhere else? Just curious.
Very elaborate creatures. They are wonderful to see!

Thanks a lot guys! :slight_smile:

The hard surface parts were simply sculpted using regular brushes to build a 3D concept inside ZBrush.
It is not as clean as ZModeler geo but clean enough to be decimated for a first rigging pass to test functionality and clean enough to be remodeled for Sub-D later on which took place inside Modo.
Hope I could help. If you have any more questions, just shoot.

Beautiful Sculpt!!! Love your attention to detail, and it’s always so impressive to see this kind of detail work with basic sculpting brushes and alphas…Killer work man :sunglasses:

Inspiration work man, i love this character and your work. Sucess

this is amazing.thanks for the tutorial,Im surprised this is your first post here.cause Ive seen your amazing works before.