Alien concept

Hi, that is my first work using max & Zbrush together.The character appeared after viewing film “Naked breakfast”).Base mesh was made in max. Detailing ,retopology & texturing was done in Zbrush аnd post-production in Phоtoshop CS3 (composing some passes,such as lighting, specular, Z Depth, etc.)Rendered in Mental ray. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

This one in ZB render with Photoshop composing)






Hi everyone.Somebody,tell me Please how to add my work to the main page gallery.It would be fine to see my work in the gallery or there are especial requirements to new members?Maybe it is quantity of comments or,for example,some memder rating. :(Or maybe I want too much for new member :smiley: I`ll be waiting for answer)

which gallery are you talking about?..

the one at the ‘top row’?

this one?:


Yes,this one. I didn`t decide that top-row is this gallery. Then I assume the answer: peopple decide where is the place for this work.Considering absence of comments I can make conclusion: work was not pleasant)No more questions :smiley:

yeah…that’s the ‘top row’ gallery…best of the best. it takes skills, talent and votes to get there. it looks likes you’ve got some skills with your alien sculpt…keep zbrushing and hopefully you’ll be fortunate enough to make it there some day. don’t be intimidated though…the zbrush community is the best i’ve ever seen whether you are a noobie to zbrush or a pro, etc… everyone here in my experience is really great for inspiration, criticism, talent, innovation, etc., etc.

no answer does not mean that your work is bad.
it only means that it is not either bad, nor good.

if it was bad, you would of gotten constructive criticism
if it was good, or very good, votes or top row.

keep working and get your level uppper.

Yeah) keep zbrushing,keep zbrushing and one more time keep zbrushing :slight_smile: zbrushcentral is really amazing.Thanks for council :wink: :slight_smile:

Hi Andrew! Cool alien! Keep ‘em comin’ man! :+1: !

This is really nice to say this is your first, how did you do the textures, was it poly paint or photoshop.

The textures were taken from the butterfly )) The base colors I get with polypainting,then convert to textures. After is following, as usual, using ZApplink, Image plane plugin(images created in Photoshop and then imported to ZB with alfas to make textures accurately transparent)Excuse me for my english. There are almost no problem with understanding but troubles with grammar. I hope you guess what I`m writing. :smiley: Heh