Alien Bird Mount

Here’s my latest model I made. An alien bird mount thingy :). It’s built at game polygon counts and the saddle is a seperate accessory; 15,254 triangles for the bird, and 5,640triangles for the saddle. The model is fully rigged and animateable (Something I’ll work on next is doing some animations).

This is also my first attempt at useing zSpheres II to build the base mesh.






It’s cool looking, I like it. :slight_smile:

I had a minute so I thought I’d post some zbrush renders of the bird. I didn’t include the saddle cause that was textured in photoshop. Nothing fancy on the renders. I’ll post some more wip images and of course some animations once I get those done.




Very cool lookign alien bird…nice…model and texture

Cool! Nice to see something other than humanoid bipeds! I wish more people would explore truly alien shapes/anatomy.

I’ve uploaded a quick video of the run animation I did for this guy.



Hope you like it.


Hey Jamie,
Good work on the design of the mount and texture work!
Also some nice animation, I especially like the movement of the head and tail.
My only critique would be the leg closest to the camera. The movement of the leg when going backwards isn’t so smooth. It appears to be snapping a bit (it probably appears to be snappier than it actually is because the leg is going through the body)

I can’t wait to see some more animations!

yeah, I think it’s cause of the clipping issue…it creates a highlight that’s only there for 1 frame or so and makes it appear as a flash. I knew about the clipping, but i wanted the foot placement to be where it’s at so I’m not sure if I’m going to change that or not as it’s not as important as where the feet are.

Glad you like it though. :slight_smile:


Another animation.

Updated video if the idle scratching animation. Fixed some issues with the anim in a few places.


Here’s another animation. I’m not 100% satisfied with it and I’ll end up redoing some parts of it, but I didn’t want to keep anyone waiting for the next one. (plus sometimes it’s best to step asside from something and come back a day or so later with fresh eyes).


Here’s the download link for the movie.

Hope you like.

Cool animations :+1: