Alien Ape - Creature Design

Hi everybody!
My name is Ken Barthelmey, I’m a freelance Creature and Character designer.

I recently started to work with Zbrush and wanted to share this work with you.
Sculpted, textured and rendered in Zbrush. Compositing in Photoshop.

It’s based on one of my 2d concepts.
Hope you like it! :slight_smile:


Some WIPs





hey Ken nice to see u here, i’ve write you some days ago on deviant art…excellent work with zbrush as well, AMAZING. Please keep on posting, i’ll follow your works with sincere interest. Again i want to share my admiration for your digital painting. I think you should post some of your past works here as well, even if they aren’t released using zbrush i think artists here could take your works for reference.

Very nice work & welcome to ZBC. : )

Great concept and texture, awesome render, you’ve recently started Zbrush and that don’t show at all, you’re good at it , keep this thread alive! :slight_smile:

Love the work! Keep it coming :smiley:

Cool creature. I love it!

Whoa, super cool, love the look of this guy.

really cool bro, the watermark is distracting though, i’d remove it:cool:

Just freakin awesome man!:+1:

a very cool critter indeed! great job

Welcome to ZBC. What a great first post. Looking forward to see more work from you. :slight_smile:

great work!!!:+1:

Thats flippin awesome!

Love everything about it.

Woah! Super nice! Great modeling, great final render. Well done. Show us more.

I second that. Went to your FACEBOOK… WOW! Love your pencil work.

Wonderful! Entirely believable. Thanks for sharing.

Glad to see you here on ZBC!!!

Man, that is awesome!!!

One of my favorite pieces!!!

Please do more in zBrush!!!

Thank you people! More coming soon :slight_smile:

Really nice image and full of character. Beautiful render as well. Would love to see you render settings/comp process.:+1:

very cool character!