Ali Jalali works (min-tutorial Pg 11)


Hi guys
chalkman . thank you :slight_smile:
mjolnir . thanks so much

a new wip:






hey ali buddy whats up! :slight_smile:
outstanding work that’s what I’m talking about, really fantastic sculpt!:+1:
the design and everything on him is fantastic, he is definently in big trouble with that thing crawling on him!
Great pose aswell, which is setting the mood right :smiley:
Sorry for my english ^^
Happy sculpting and keep it coming mate,

  • Kenny:)

Awesome thread! :+1:
Great sculpts !

awesome models here!

KC-Production >> Thanks so much for your attention and kind words :slight_smile:

asecbrush >> thank you

pappete >> thanks dear

A new character i made for Abduction game.
hope you like it :slight_smile:
rendered in maya mentalray and used abit higher res textures for better look in mentalray.




Nice work overall, but I cannot say this last character is very original; too much of a copy from Uncharted.

Some good looking work. The woman is sexy. Her neck may be a little too long. I also think some of the wrinkles on the jeans on the last guy, particularly behind the knee, look too busy and not blended enough with the rest of the pants, especially on the back of the left leg.

I like the last character but yeah I’d have to agree it’s not very original and also the topology of the low poly needs an awful lot of work

cool character. awesome as usual!

Hi all
Yes im agree its not original, but the client wanted so :confused:

New work : A fan art for Diablo3, Barbarian class.
hope you like it :slight_smile:





pure epicness

Like it…a lot! I like everything about this one. Great job.


Your Diablo fan art is great!
How much time did it take from start to finish?

Very nice sculpt! Feels epic!:slight_smile:

Ditto. Looks terrific.

Looks like a barbarian to me. Cool!

I really like this last guy! Maybe the axes and arms shouldn’t look quite so symmetrical. Perhaps he should be holding the axes more in a way like he is about to use them. Other than that, a really nice piece of work. :+1:

Nicely done! Dynamic pose and superb detailing. Are you going to polypaint/texture him?

Doesn’t have to be original when it’s this bad ass! :wink: