Ali Jalali works (min-tutorial Pg 11)

Great design and sculpting on the last guy!The Jim Carey likeness i:+1:s also great!

Excellent works !!! :+1:

Cool stuff. Nice face expresion. And Jimmy rules!

wow Ali that is totally amazing, l am very impressed,

l´m a new begginer and working on a ear :slight_smile: yea l know imbarressing :slight_smile:

This guy is really cool. I love the style, proportions and take. Very interesting to look at.

thaks all . Im glad you like my works
RageNrock >> thanks so much :slight_smile:
Santis >> thank you
ermy31 >> thanks
JoseConseco >> thank you
Ayliss >> thank you. wish you success with your works :wink:
themightyflog >> thank you

Hi all.
here it is the stuff im working on these days.
started by Dynamesh and then remeshed it and started the detailing . texture is zbrush hand painted.





love your style, great design and character

I really dig the latest character! Good stuff!

nice work! nice sculpt and i like what you did with the colors - the dark red-ish cavity and yellow-ish skin coloring

it would be cool to see his antler pieces a bit more chiseled/hard in the sculpt:sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:sunglasses:

Nattawat_OBBI >> thanks so much

Clintus Maximus >> thanks. its nice you like it

hideous >> thanks for kind words and critic.

it is finished finally. Used maya mentalray for rendering and photoshop for some touches and background.


Very cool man, I like your render, and how you defined muscles. I think some hair on legs, and maybe horns on back would look cool.

VERY nice man! The render really made it pop so much better. Great work!

JoseConseco > thanks. yes i feel it lacks some hair in some parts … Clintus Maximus> thank you :slight_smile: … male anatomy study and Gollum (its wip):male_anatomy02.jpgmale_anatomy03.jpgmale_anatomy01.jpgGalum03.jpg





Wow! Great work … the angry guy came out really well! Cheers! :smiley:

good job mate! I like that demon’s figure a lot!

Looking good!

Love the design, modeling and texture work. Great work! :+1:

chalkman >> thank you :slight_smile: Uber >> thanks.its cool you like it. Derek Frenzo >> thanks you Nattawat_OBBI >> thanks here it is the female anatomy study and i also updated my male study. F05.jpgm02.jpg




Wow … loving the latest refinements to the male sculpt and especially the new one of the woman … just lovely! Cheers, David :smiley: