Alfons - Life model Sculpting

Here are the final images from this figurative sculpture. Working with life model was an experience that has changed my perception once again. I loved every part of it. The work you see was done entirely during the workshop with a few extra hours afterwards for minimal refinement.

Steve Lord’s mentoring was incredibly motivating and inspirational at the same time. Learning closely from him made the past few days highly inspirational. Thanks PortoAtelier for organising this for us.

I look forward to my own workshop next year again in Porto '24. Until then, you can check the ENTIRE sculpting process with narration which is now availablle on my Patreon page( www.patreon.com/ranmanolov ).

I’d appreciate if you follow me on instagram(www.instagram.com/ranmanolov ) and the rest of the platforms.

Thank you.




Beautiful, great work!

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nicely sculpted :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot

Much appreciated

@Jaime check this one out. I hope you’re well!

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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thank you

That’s another level all together @Ran_Manolov :clap: Outstanding.

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