Alexandre Fiolka Sketchbook

Hello Zbrushers.

My first post here @ Zbrushcentral.
I want to show you my latest works, done for Ubisoft’s Fighter Within.









Woah, This is awesome. Can you talk about your rendering process?

Fantastic characters! I like the impression that they make, thanks to their dramatic poses! I will add them to my “Favorites” folder. Good job, sir!:+1:

Brilliant sculpts! I really like the poses for all of them.

Wow, fantastic :+1: !

Are those rendered in ZBrush? (I guess not?)

Awesome work! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Very well done! Nice dynamic! Nice details! :+1:

awesome details !

I have a newbie-ish question. I was wondering about your technique for adding cloth texture to some of the clothing (I am really impressed with the subtle fabric on the woman).

I’ve tried using noisemaker but I found it created moire patterns. I’ve tried manually texturing things with the clay brush and DragRect stroke but I keep wondering is there is a better way.

Your work is impressive though.

DAMN that be some nice hair!

wooooooww!!! thats really awesome!! the modeling, the details and the dynamic poses!!! the presentation also rocks!!!

I had the opportunity to get some of those models into my hand when working on the promo trailer, you did a great job guyz.

Thanks guys for the nice words, really appreciate !

@Myselfsama & asecbrush: I done the render into Keyshot With a 3 points lighting HDR that i made, and done a bit of compositing in photoshop like noise,chroma aberation,…
@Xevious: Yes, i used Noisemaker with Uvs mode for clothes pattern. Maybe your pattern is too thin i guess…?

Some Zbrush BPR :


and the real time asset in marmoset :





WOW! Clothing details are out of this world! Great work!

Outstanding work and renders! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

I believe a TOP ROW may be appropriate?

Truly outstanding works, maximum respect. :smiley:

Congrats on the Top Row! Well deserved! :smiley:

Hey Thanks for your reply! And congrats on Top row! :smiley:

Totally amazing, inspiring pieces, congrats! They could be great 3d prints too!