Alan's sketchbook

crazy creature concept!

Please let me know what you think.

This is my first creature sculpt.

Rigged and rendered in zbrush.

Will add a texture and more details soon.




Crazy Creature Concept Part 2.

I’m creating this creature so I can become more familiar with zbrush.

Let me know if you have any tips for a beginner. Many thanks.

Model created and rendered in Zbrush.


The feet look really odd. they just dont work. The hands need more muscle details because at the moment it just looks like you converted the zspheres to a mesh and then left it.

Thanks for your reply! Believe me it is appreciated. You are quite right the feet are a little odd to say the least :lol:! I like the idea of developing the hands as they have no joints at present.

I’ve decided to try and develop a human character. This is the basic head shape. Textures and shape may change as I continue with this project. I’m hoping to attach him to a body soon. Once torso is done I will upload. thanks.


looks great!
Be nice to see the loops and side views.

Thanks I appreciate your comment!

I started with a dynamesh and this is what it looks like now.

All done in Zbrush, Cheers.


I’ve finally managed to attach the head to a body!

Still a work in progress.

Took a while to retopologize and create subdivisions from the dynamesh I was working on in Zbrush.

Will add more detail soon.

Attempting to get to grips with the basics of creating a skin shader for my character. Any advice/comments welcome,thanks.