Hey Guys,

Well it's been a long time, bla bla. But I've finally been able to finish my Kaneda model with Bike from the Akira movie. I've been in love with that design ever since I've seen it the first time and always vowed to make it into a model one day and here it is. I've taken a still from the movie and really tried to make that into a nice 3D image. It's amazing that these guys did all that in 2D without computers and still managed to be so consisted. And the great thing is that once I converted the image to a 3D model it looked good from all angles. They do know their poses.... Kudos to them!

The hard surface modelling was done in Maya with all of Kaneda, the leather and rocks done in ZBrush. Rendered with Mental Ray.

Cheers, M




WOW this is incredible. I love akira. I have a poster of tetsuo with mech arm on my wall for inspiation. I like how you made him look more like a new age 3d cartoon character. Look forward to seeing more.

Great work man ! You captured it perfectly. Congratz

Cool stuff, cheers! :+1:

As fan of Akira like you… I love that!!! :smiley:

I’ve a Kaneda’s power bike model on my portfolio, if you like take a look and let me know if you like my version:
PowerBike 01 by madmatt
PowerBike 02 by madmatt


Nice job :smiley:

Thanks guys :smiley:

@MadMatt: Nice bike! I tried to stick as close as possible to the design and I really like the leather seat he has (looks quite comfy :D) You might wanna put some detail there but otherwise great. Nice shading.

Excellent work, you have an eye for detail. I also love Akira! Keep it up!

Thanks Light!

Here some renders of the ZBrushmodel (This is ZBrushcentral after all :D)

Cheers, M

Yeah Thanx mate…

Just looked at your website, sweet designs!

Realised I had an old stadium lying around that I modelled for a commercial a while ago so I created a background. Need to work on his face because the shader doesn’t look good but all in all I’m pretty happy. I’m wondering if the refractions in his windshield should be defocused… Hmmmm



This is great…, I’m all Reminiscent… Think I’ll Brake out My Akira DVD.

Nice tribute to a great movie!

Yeah, the first think that caught my eye was the refractions in the windshield. You’re right. It looks strange with the background blurry due to depth of field, but it’s crisp in the windshield. Other the that, pretty cool.

Blurred the reflection.

What shader are you using for the skin? I think it could use some SSS

incredible…great work.:+1: :+1: :laughing:

sick dude good stuff , man i hope Hollywood doesn’t end up doing that remake , allways hate to see a classic get butchered ,

Thanks guys, really appreciate it!

@icaba1 : Hope you had fun watching it again, it still amazes me what high quality work they did, it is still the number 1 manga for me after all these years.

@Killah: I started out with a SSS shader and then got lazy and switched it out, youare absolutly right I need to go back and fix that! Hope to do that today.

@A_Hughes : couldn’t agree more!

Cheers, M