AKA NIKKA - Sculpture

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the subsequent state failure of the GDR led to an immediate and complete abandonment of all military buildings and secret bases. This included base number 79 with the associated top-secret project “Spring Awakening”.

It was not until twenty years later that Western authorities were able to find and enter Base 79 by chance. What they found there, under the cover of oblivion, had grown into a danger for the future of the state.
The project “Spring Awakening” with its top-secret subject also known as N.I.K.K.A., was handed over to the West German secret service. But they were not able to tame and control the one that was trained and programmed for only one purpose.

A deadly weapon with only one goal, to take vengeance on all those who had wronged her and murdered her parents.

AKA NIKKA will find you, eliminate you and destroy everything you stood for.
Silent and cold is her bloody path of revenge. Will it ever end?

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