Aja's Sketchbook

I decided to start a sketchbook thread instead of a thread for fun, hope you like it (all critiques are welcome as well)!
The cricket is from a 2D concept by Brandon Wu


Cricket turnaround.jpg

In my fondness of coffee and sweets I decided to give it a go at sculpting some tasty treats for fun. At the end I altered the color for the base doughnut to make the top character stick out a bit more, also adding sprinkles to the doughnut hole as well.:+1:

Here is a ghost-ish character designed by Andrew Unwin (@anjohinc instagram). Very excited for the Halloween season!

These are so cute !

2D concept by Anneka Tran:D

Piper Thibodeau has created several charming puns in her character designs so when I saw the Bat-tery I had to make it:lol:

I tried my hand at expressions for the first time for this project, and learned alot from it. 2D concept by Katie Daniel

This character came after my little sisters birthday when I asked her what kind of a character she wanted me to make, her response was a croissant:p. I had alot of fun trying to make the character textured, my little sister (Mia) gave him the name Ciler [Ky-Ler] (she chose the spelling as well):D.

Sculpted this during ZSummit, anyone else livestreaming it??
2D concept by Brandon Wu

Second iteration of Brandon Wu’s Blue characters in excitement of the Halloween Season!

Last iteration of Brandon Wu’s character:D

2D concept by Alena Tkach

Speed Sculpt, 2D concept by Nikolas Ilis


2D concept by TastesLikeAnya (Deviant Art)

Thank you so much!

2D concept by Jackie Droujko
a1f58a202513c6815acd6d2a5fffc5b3.jpgIMG_20161016_130614.jpgSailor moon turntable.jpg

Pumpkin Spice Late (2D concept by Linda Hong)


2D concepts by Christine & Almeda Matt Dixon