I would like to share with you a piece i have finished several months ago.

WELCOME AGAMEMNOTH ! - demon/ dragon

Was extremely interesting and time consuming to design this guy

Customer had an idea to create a demon/dragon what was transformed from a human knight. So i had to keep it in mind while developing the concept.

How to make a monster but still suggest some human features in it?

I decided to keep his face closer to human one and use a weapon what mindless beast wont be able to master. That’s how his demonic sword appeared.

It took me some iterations to balance the pose and overall composition so it looks dynamic enough but not oversized. to make the production and packaging process more optimized.

Model is designed to fit 32mm miniatures so i decided to face the head downwards to emphasize the impression he is looking from top down on human insects.

His real life size would be about 12-13 m, about 7 times average human.

Resin figure is 200 mm.

Available here:

Hope you’ll like him!

Here are some photos of resin version.
Incredible job done by Zealot miniatures on 3D printing and resin casting!

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Very nice creature design!

The sculpted details are holding really well in the 3D printed result :+1:

Thank you Jaime. Some insane 3D printer was used for it 16micron on Z axis. It was incredible seeing pores on the skin printed on 20 cm model :slight_smile:

Thanks Spyndel!