afisher's Sketchbook

Hey everyone
I decided to create a new sketchbook. To kick it off, here’s something I finally got around to finishing. Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 2.
The hardsurface and cloth elements were mostly textured in the new Quixel suite. The skin was mainly polypainted (see timelapse below). Let me know if you guys have any questions. Hope you like it. Thanks guys!



Zbrush screenshots:



Zbrush sculpt-


Head Polypainting-






Really excellent work! Looks like a very promising start to your sketchbook. I like the time-lapse videos, too!

Looks awesome man, great piece!

Very nicely done all-around. Congrats.

oh hey, I remember watching the timelapse for this guy some time ago, trying to suss out the secrets of hard-edge modeling in zbrush (still trying). Turned out great! But that Tywin, man – even to this day, every so often I watch the timelapse again, and wonder at the growing awesomeness as the sculpt progresses… While I’m at it, that dishonored fellow is fantastic also.

Excellent work.

good stuff, very clean :slight_smile:

very good work…

Webhead: Thanks man!
henriquedw: Thanks Henrique
Francis Bezooyen: Cheers Francis
nagulov: haha thanks a lot mate. Glad you like them
Sebastian Galvis: Cheers
Intervain: Thanks Magdalena :slight_smile:
HoOman: Thanks mate

One small question if I may – during the hard edge sculpting, at several places (eg @11:40) you mask an area, then invert and transpose inwards – I was wondering, how do you keep the newly created ‘inner walls’ so clean? ctrl + transpose? New polygroup + smooth by features? Seems simple to do, yet I can’t get good results, there’s always some wobble. Thanks!

Nice work . where can i get those alphas and reference photos that you used in polypainting video?

Absolutely killer man! :smiley: thanks for sharing the vids too - super insightful :smiley:

inspirational work, Adam… :slight_smile:

Amazing Work ! :+1:
and Thanks for sharing time lapse of your workflow :smiley: !!

Excellent works, adam. Already saw your tywin lanister timelapse on utube. greatjob
like the darkelf assasin on your page very much, too:sunglasses:

nagulov: Yeah I mask, invert and transpose inwards, then to clean up the inner walls, I use deformation> polish and/or polish by features, or I’ll manually clean them up with the HPolish brush.
legolas47: Thanks. The reference images are cropped from photos from 3d.sk and the alphas are simple ones I created, but you can probably find similar ones on zbrushcentral.
craigz: Thanks, no worries.
nirmalendu_paul: cheers
Gurjeet Singh: Thanks man, glad you like them.
schiefer: Thanks a lot mate :slight_smile:

So cool, then I have a question, how to put the Fibermesh system into a texture? Maybe your Polypainting video 5:07

Posting something new to kick off 2015! I originally started this as part of the Comicon Challenge and recently came back to finish the sculpt. Here’s a couple of renders I was playing around with:






EPIC! Thor is a very awesome character, and you have done an amazing job with the details. The pose is great, and I appreciate how you have him leaning to the side of his hammer.
You can truly see the weight and power in your sculpt thanx for sharing.

Love your take on Thor, and great attention to detail. :slight_smile: