Adolf Hitler

Hello guys

Adolf Hitler in Paris…1940
Soft used: zbrush,3Ds Max,keyshot,ps
I Hope you like it!

Adolf Hitler2.jpg


Adolf Hitler2.jpg

Does not look like Paris 1940…

remove this you idiot, you do not talent, lack of sense.

When I look at this not really skilled work, I ask myself why have you choosed this subject. It lacks any distance to the greatest criminal and racist of human kind. Admin, please delete this post! And, as it seems, if you are a nazi, I hope you will never post anything else here.

i am not nazi or and don’t have Nazi policy
this is just 3d modeling a shot of history
take easy my friend…

I don’t see what the big deal is. People sculpt or draw criminals and villains all the time. you can sculpt whoever or whatever you want. People who sculpt
Hannibal Lecter probably aren’t cannibals either. so, don’t be so quick to judge.

Having said that, you should probably remove the “Happy Birthday”. That’s just bad taste and sends the wrong message. Even if it’s meant as a joke, you shouldn’t
take that public, as it can easily offend people.

I know this is an old post but I came across it and wanted to give some feedback. The background looks really good and the overall model is well done. My issue is with the face. It’s slightly resembles the true face of Adolf Hitler, however it does not really capture the likeness very well. It seems like more time would’ve been better spent on modeling the one distinct characteristic that there are a TON of reference photos of, his face, to capture a better likeness.
I do agree that the “Happy Birthday” written on this piece is in extremely POOR taste. I would like to see how far you have come since 7 years ago, when this post was made. Maybe redo this with a lot more time spent of the face. Everything else is done well, but if you are going to capture a person’s likeness, you must be sure that you make the face the most important and accurately detailed part of the piece, no matter who the person is. Why you chose Adolf Hitler, who knows? But, regardless of the subject chosen, I am critiquing based on the work itself. It looks like a lot of time went into everything EXCEPT the face. In truth, it barely resembles his actual face and the proportions seem off. I would have started with the face and then moved on once it was perfected. In a famous (or even infamous) historic figure, the very first thing anyone is going to look at would be how accurate or close did your work on the person’s face get! If you are still around and have been improving your skills after all these years, i encourage you to at least redo that part of this work and you can always replace it in photoshop. BUT, while you are at it, REMOVE the awful “Happy Birthday” message written on the wall. It demeans the work you spent on this as well as only serving the purpose of drowning out ANY time that you spent making this. Your focus should have been on the artwork…NOT some 3 second message on the wall that takes any possibility of anyone taking your artwork seriously. You could easily call this piece something that does the opposite. Instead of “Happy Birthday”, you could have left that blank or simply title the piece something else on the wall. Maybe something like “Evil in Paris” or “May History Not Repeat, By Never Forgetting The Price We Paid” or “Evil Smiles In The City Of Love” or “Only a Brief Moment of History, That Shows How Beauty Can Forever Be Overshadowed By Blind Obedience From Good Men and Women Lacking The Courage To Stand Up To What Is Wrong”.

Or just “Anything Else” along those lines!!! I am not a great “Title Creator” for someone else’s artwork, but I just rattled those off the top of my head. Title your work and send a clear message about its intent. Just my advice, if you are to choose a villain from history that caused the deaths of over 50 Million people. Especially one who did this while destroying a nation and its’ people for generations to come, so recently in our past.

Anyway, just my critique on the piece itself and regardless of your choice of subject, I would encourage you to do at least the face, and title, again. Usually over time, we improve our skills and also gain the wisdom of perspective with age. I hope that is the case with you.
I also agree with the moderators decision to not remove this. It may not be art that I “like”, but the purpose of this forum is not to judge your choice in subject, but instead, to give you constructive criticism on the piece you submitted, as well as give you feedback on what was done well, and what needs improvement.

I hope my reply will provide something like that for you, as well as encourage others to do the same. I would love to see a new version, LESS OFFENSIVE, posted from you some day soon, so that we can see your progress as an artist (if you have continued), and provide addition constructive feedback to benefit your career or hobby, should you still be doing this type of work.

Thank you for the submission, even though I do not like or agree with the statement made on the wall. Please consider my advice and any future feedback, if any, that might follow on this thread. My hope is that it will be objective and constructive, assuming you can or will change the needless and inflammatory part on the original artwork. You DO have a lot of talent as of when this was posted. So, please do not feel discouraged in standing by your artwork and endeavoring to make it better than it is at current. Just please do not stand by the “Happy Birthday” Statement. It adds nothing to the piece other than to devalue the time and effort given to create it.

…Just my humble, yet accurate, opinion.


For Some reason I thought this post was made in 2010 or 2011. I just realized it was 2016.
Still, that gives you a couple of years to have honed your skills. I would still like to see an update of this artwork, within the same critiques I made in the previous post.

***Please Pardon My Error On The Post Creation Date ***