Actually... Tutorial Rule #1

Say “actual” and/or “actually” a lot (every fifth or sixth word seems to work well for most) when you record your video tutorials and you will sound so much more like a pro who knows what he’s talking about! For example:

I will now choose the actual brush to paint the actual surface with this alpha that is actually a grayscale bitmap graphic of an actual piece of mud from an actual wall that actually makes it look like mud on your model when you paint it. Actually, what you’ll want to actually do is actually pick the actual alpha map before actually turning off Zadd and actually turn on the actual MRGB button to actually paint the actual model with the actual brush without actually affecting the actual 3d surface properties.

When are you guys going to stop using the word “actual” in your videos? The end result is that you actually look like an actual douche.

Where is your problem? If it bothers you do not watch the tutorials and make better

Honor the work from others!

My opinion sorry.

McFly - First, do not be sorry for your opinion. It is valid, always, and I appreciate you sharing it. Second, I DO honor the work of others and I very, very much appreciate their efforts. They have helped me improve my 3d skills tremendously.

However, it’s not my problem. The problem is with those who overuse the word “actually.” If you are not annoyed by it, then great! To me it’s annoying, like nails on a chalkboard or someone who won’t stop poking you in the ribcage and saying something stupid to you each time. And, it’s simply poor oral tact. The videos I’m referring to are produced by professionals - like those here at ZBC as well as the guys on Digital Tutors. The ZBC ones are free, so not such a big deal, but when you pay big bucks for tuts from DT then it’s a problem because the poor over-use of the words “actual” and “actually” degrade the professional quality and are distracting from the lessons. In one DT video I counted over 150 instances of the guy saying variations of “actual” when used not in the proper context, but in the way so as to make what he’s talking about sound more… serious, professional, important, knowledgeable, etc. It’s an empty ego boost for the one who says it, and I think that’s what annoys me most. It’s wholly unnecessary in the context of the lesson and is merely used to purportedly augment one’s own status as a person who knows what they’re talking about. They already know what they’re talking about, they don’t need to add unnecessary words to their dictation to make it look like they do. That just backfires on them. In the end, I suppose it comes from their own feelings of inadequacy or something along those lines.

Granted, it might be possible for me to find a way to ignore it, and I think in the end that is the only solution, because we cannot change others, we can only changes ourselves, yes?

In case you’re curious, this was the most recent video I watched that inspired my original post on this topic was a ZBC one, here:


hahaha, i learnt to hate this ACTUAL problem too, thanks to the girl from the movie God Bless America. Your point is very valid. :smiley:

whats your tutorials. plz explain here