Active annotation of ZScripts

I was thinking…Is there a keyboard function that, when modeling, something can be pressed that opens a window for one to type notes into the generating Zscript? That way one wouldn’t have to disect the ZScript afterward to add notes. If there isnt a way…this would definately be a plus for future scripting abilities.


I have been after a feature like this for a loooong time. There were even a couple of threads discussing something like this . At one point such a feature was being tested in one of the betas. I do not know how far it went or if Pixologic is intending to include it in a future release. I do know it caused issues with the scripts. But who knows…maybe if we ask real nicely and roll our big Z-eyes Pixolator will bestow such a gift on us. :slight_smile:

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Thats cool I guess. Would really REALLY love to see this implimented. Would save TONS of time! :frowning:

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I agree…and it would open the door to zscript tutorials to the ZScriptic Impaired (like myself :smiley: ). That is the one thing that stops me from making more tutorials simply because I don’t have the time to run through the code, figure out what is happening where, and annotate it.

You probably both know this :slight_smile: but for anyone else reading this there is a little trick to help in annotating a zscript. Simply press a button you would not otherwise use, whenever you want to add a note(should be a button that does not affect subsequent drawing(like Replay Delay)). Then Quickly scrible down on a piece of paper what you want to say and continue modelling/painting. When your finished open the Zscript in a text editor and replace all occurences of that ‘special’ command with what you have written down.
Just make sure you can read your own handwriting :wink:

Can’t remember which thread I picked this tip up from, it was a fair while back I think.

But yes it would be pretty neat if Zscript annotation was built into Zbrush.

would really like to know what key that is.

Hi :slight_smile:

It is possible to interactively insert notes into a recorded ZScript by following these (previously undocumented) steps…

1. Load the ZScript that you wish to annotate in ZBrush.
2. Begin ZScript recording.
3. Optional step: Set the ZScript :small_orange_diamond:Replay Delay value to about 500 in order to slow down the replay speed.
4. Press ‘Play’ to begin a replay of your ZScript.

5. While your ZScript is replaying and being rerecorded, you may insert notes to the recorded ZScript by pressing the CTRL+SPACEBAR keys. This will pause the script and display a text-entry dialog box. Type the text and press OK ( repeat as needed). When done, press the CANCEL button in order to dismiss the dialog box and resume recording. Repeat step 5 as needed.

6. When done annotating the script, Press the ZScript :small_orange_diamond:End Rec to terminate the recording and save the new annotated ZScript.

You may now test your ZScript and - if needed - open the ZScript in a text editor and modify the inserted notes.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Note: Version 1.55b does not record notes that are already available in your original ZScript, therefore, you need to fully annotate the ZScript in ‘one-pass’. Any corrections or additions to the notes should be done within a text-editor. (Next ZBrush version will rerecord the notes of the original ZScript.)

Wooo hooo!! Gonna go play now…thanks O’ Grand Pubah of Pixoldom!!! :+1:

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Doesn’t work for me.

Do you load the txt file or the zsc?
Can this be done after ZB has been closed and reopened?

I press ctrl+spacebar and nothing… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Okay well I got the window to pop up but now it wont take the text… :frowning:

hehehe…Mike…follow the steps exactly. You load the script then press the RECORD button, then press the PLAY button. :smiley:

I see…I’ll try that
…nope…record is grayed out.
Still wont take the text when I press okay
…too tired…will try tomorrow…

sounds mega :cool: !

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This feature has been around science 1.55!


OMG, I finaly got up enough nerve to open up the Zscripts and do it manualy…

My next Zscript tutorial is going to be very nice!!!

Thankyou very much for this!

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A Must read for every Zscripter!

thanks again :smiley:

humm… very usefull information.

Is another tips to clean a script “interactively” ?