Ackeem Durrant - Sketchbook

been on here for years and now in my first year of uni ill start posting :smiley:

based on sketches from Andrew Smith
WIP C&C always welcome




Class is going good,

hope you guys like it,1  Low.jpg2low.jpg

Work done with feedback from the amazing Scott Eaton,
I recommend his digital figure sculpting class,

C&C are always welcome

Looking very good! Please post some additional renders. The torso study is looking good as well!

@Ofer Thank you very much,

I will post some more soon

Miles Morales (Spiderman) WIP

Long way to go
Miles Morles WIP.jpg

More Practice

Nice sculpts.

Next steps are working into the costume and posing


Character inspired by Aris Kolokontes’ Grumpy

I spent a couple hours modelling and then a couple days doing the rest,the longest part of the process was the lookdev because that required tweaking and the shaders and textures simultaneously,
I plan on doing many more of these in the hope of creating some kind of virtual gallery in the far future.

Your anatomy work is beautiful! Great thread!

@theKoncepts Thank you very much that is very appreciated

Great work!

@Teyon thanks bro

This is a character I am working on, I’ve just finished the skin detailing and thought I would share this,

Most of the detail comes from the Texturing XYZ maps and I added some spots, smoothed out certain areas and went in the DAM standard and standard brushes to add more detail,


thx for sharing man

very cool details !

@Max777 - no problem I’m happy you find it useful

Hey guys, here is a piece I recently finished based on 2D art from the amazing loish
Hope you like it.