Accidentally replaced and lost material from the palette. How to reset?

So for some reason the materials I load in never stay. So every time I have to load them again. What I noticed now is that it replaces any material I have currently selected but still doesn’t stay when I load zbrush again. So now I lost a material (and didn’t get the one I switched in either :rolleyes:) How can I now reset this? I replaced the plastic toy material and can’t get it back. I’m pretty sure I’ve deleted some more materials this way before.

Do I have to use the init zbrush feature? Does this interfere with any of my (ongoing) projects?

Would be cool if someone could let me know. Thanks

See Materials. It should answer most of your questions.

Also see here: http://docs.pixologic.com/user-guide/customizing-zbrush/user-content/

I see, thank you. I understood this a bit better now. I still don’t get how I get my toy plastic material back in my current project. “It means that you don’t need to regard any material in ZBrush as ‘fixed’ – it can always be changed.” That’s great but where can I load the default materials from again when I replaced them with another one? I can’t find them in any folder.

Where have you looked?

Materials are arranged in ‘slots’. When ZBrush launches there are a set number of materials. If you load a new material, either from LightBox or by pressing the Load button in the Material palette, then the selected material is replaced by the new material.

If you want to have some of your own custom materials always available in ZBrush then put the material files in the ZBrush 4R6/ZStartup/Materials folder but don’t put more files here than about 25 or ZBrush may not launch properly.

Materials that you load into a project will be saved with the project. If you replace a default material by mistake then you can easily load it back in:

  1. Select a material in the Material palette that you aren’t currently using.
  2. Press the Load button in the Material palette.
  3. Navigate to the ZBrush 4R6/ZData/Materials folder.
  4. Select the material you want from either the MatCaps folder or the Startup folder.