About the axis when making the model smaller

I’m making a model based on this video

around 6:24
The part where the sphere is made smaller will not be the same.
The picture below is what it looks like when I make my sphere smaller.
How can I make it like video?

Hello @zsun ,

If I understand you correctly, in order to do this the following must be true:

  1. If using ZBrush 2023, you must use the most up to date version of the program, currently Zbrush 2023.2. There have been ongoing adjustments to the Local Symmetry behavior in ZBrush 2023 and a number of bugs have been fixed.

  2. The Gizmo manipulator must be centered on the mesh that was just inserted. This should happen as a result of drawing out the IM brush so you don’t need to do anything in that case. However, if you have repositioned the Gizmo after drawing out those meshes this could change the results of the operation.

  3. Local Symmetry (L.Sym) must be active for the two inserted meshes, but the “Dynamic” toggle at the top of the button must be off. If Dynamic is on it will use the Gizmo center for symmetry rather than the classic L.Sym. behavior.

Scaling two meshes uniformly from their local centers is only possible with the classic L.Sym behavior. If you are using an obsolete program version you may be experiencing a bug in regard to this behavior.