abhominal sketchbook 2011

A new sketchbook for a new year - old creatures.

3DS, TopMod, ZBrush and VRay



reminds me of the venom symbiote attaching to a human

cool! this could be a giant installation somewhere,

great to see you start a new thread and continue posting :slight_smile:

This is a kind of art that I never seen of my museum visits!
Great sculpting! great mind!

Thanks guys.

Working on the skin in VRAY - got it pretty good in 16bit render, but because of RAM I had to render out in 32bit floating point, and I can’t get the hang of converting it nicely. Might render again.


Very cool and unique concepts, sculpting and rendering. Id love to see your workflow. :+1:

Great new worx :+1:


When I look at these, it makes me think of all the tissue growth experiments going on now. The first one could be a shipping container of actively growing “synthetic meat” ready to be sent to McDonald’s. Mmmm.:stuck_out_tongue:

Wow what a unique and fresh idea. It is attractive and gross at the same time… so odd. TopMod is pretty awesome.

Man, very interesting biostructures, keep them coming! The skin is going very good too :+1:




:+1: !

amazing… give me creep.

Freaky - Crazy - Cool :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Another structure.


It’s quite a bit i follow your threads, but never stopped to write something…

I think your images are really interesting, you have an absolutely unique style and your art makes me think about a disturbing introspection about fusion between flesh and sinthetic.

Great rendering and light on the last image, maybe too much specularity make the subject looks more like plastic than flesh.

Never thought about printing your creatures in 3D? They would fit well in a contemporary art gallery!