Hello guys!

Here is my new work ‘Abduction’

there is a lot of inspirations here - of course, Beauty and Beast archetype, Vampire Hunter D, Rape of Persephone by Lorenzo Bernini, song by Rammstein (Don’t die before I do) and Russian band ‘King and Jester’ (Восспоминания былой любви, Девушка и Граф)

Artistic wise influences - Simon Lee, Shiflett Brothers, Simon Bisley, WL OP, and many more

I used my usual Zbrush, Maya, Substance, Redshift pipeline

Thanks for watching!


nicely sculpted! :slight_smile:

the contrast between the beast / female is very interesting to see.

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Another masterful piece! You can feel both power and emotion. Brilliant :clap:

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Thanks for sharing such an amazing works and your inspirations, love the song (don’t die before i do).
can’t stop looking at this artwork and bring back my old memories about how much i love vampire and beast…
this artwork have touched my heart, great works ! thank you!

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such a beautiful work, I love it

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真棒 形体肌肉强壮和妩媚的冲撞

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This is terrific! Beautiful work. :+1:

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Thanks Jamie! Always a pleasure!

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Thanks a lot!

So elegant, well done!!

Beautiful! Love the composition and shapeflow!!:sunglasses::+1::star2::star2::star2::star2::star2: