aballo's 3D Sketchbook

Hello fellow ZBrushers!

I have been lurking on this forum for many years now. At first I was simply drooling at what I was witnessing however that soon changed to a form of inspiration. I switched careers and went back to school and learned ZBrush.
I am now getting ready to submit these pieces as part of my 3D modeling portfolio. I’m too poor to own the Keyshot/ZBrush bridge so I just used multi pass lighting and comped them over on Photoshop. For the color renders I used matcaps from the ZBrush library and just filled with solid colors. Everything done in Zbrush. Hope you guys like.

Any and all comments welcome.


Could not forget this image when I first saw it almost 20 years ago so I had to sculpt it :slight_smile:





Didn’t know how to post the rest so Ill try it this way.

The same with this next scene. Had to have it in 3D :slight_smile:

For this I just wanted to recreate a specific statue from Albania.

Last one I promise. Just an old guy I have been working on. I want to get a photoreal render eventually. Making some progress in vray but ill show those later.

Very nice work, especially with the posing of the comic characters.
One crit though - I really think Wolverine would be improved with body hair. Maybe it is partially due to seeing the side by side comparison to the comic, but I think he’s lookin’ a might too smooth for a character that’s so gruff! :wink: