A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

I’m posting a project that I’ve been working on for a while now. My attempt was to demonstrate my grasp of the human form, and to show skills in texturing and rendering. But as I went along I kept finding more techniques, processes, and programs that pushed this project forward and challenged me more and more. What started off as an anatomy study turned into a full on research project in all things involved with character creation.

I wanted to create a woman with a lot of tattoos and piercings in something of a pin-up pose. I wanted everything to feel as natural and believable as possible at least from a design perspective. I hope you all enjoy!

Here is the high-resolution beauty render before the filter and AO pass.

Modeling: ZBrush, Maya
Rendering: Maya Mental Ray
Texturing: ZBrush, Ptex, Photoshop
Clothing: Marvelous Designer, ZBrush
Hair: Shave and a Haircut

More renders to come along with breakdowns. Any questions, comments, or critiques, feel free.





Looks pretty impressive, I like the render colors a lot. It’s almost there, but I think the neck looks a little too skinny for a real chick. It could also just be the angle, but her right (our left) arm looks short, and the fingers look kinda pudgy and thick. Fixing those small things will def add to the realness of the piece. Good job overall though.

Wow, she’s hot :+1:

Clothing is perfect, Tattoos look excellent. Expression is also great. 5 stars from me, excellent piece.

You certainly achieved what you set out too and some. awesome model and render and texture and pose! ha it’s all great and she looks stunning :slight_smile: well played.

Incredible render of the clothing, Very alluring look in her eyes.

Only one issue is the right hand, maybe the perspective that gives a swollen look.

All nitpicking aside, I love the execution.

omg super awesome!

Hey guys and gals,

Here are some ZGrabs of the model out of zbrush. I really like the way the pore details came through so high. I actually did separate texture maps for the head and the body.

I also have to say thanks to David Krentz, he help me flesh out some of the anatomy issues early in the project. Check out his work here - http://www.davidkrentz.com


More to come

Great details on this piece !
Amazing work on anatomy and rendering.

Thx for the comments guys!

Just so nobody thought I was hiding anything with the filters here is the original without and Photoshop changes.

However I like the way this looks in vintage black and white.

Still more renders to come!

She’s got really beautiful features. I don’t mind the suicide girls look (sorry for placing it in a group, I generally don’t like to generalize) but what I really like about her is her features. Her hair is the only thing I think could use a bit more love. It looks artificial compared to the rest of her.

love it! the only critique I can say is she has man hands! the fingers and bones in her hands are to thick for a small boned woman

really great hyper detail on the skin, would you share how you did it? the brushes and process you went thru to get it so nice. great cloth as well, is that hand modeled or simmed? very great work.

Great job!! Cool render!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Damn i am in love with that cloth and that feel of cotton material
how did you make it ?
Zbrush ?

hey guys thanks for all the comments, i certainly see what was said about the hands. I guess amongst everything else I just missed it. I’ll probably adjust them and repost, I doubt that little change will get any real notoriety but for my portfolio and for the people that were nice enough to take a look and critique, i’ll make the changes.

Nice work on the latest piece man…digging the texture work especially!

Hey everyone,

Thanks again for the comments. I made changes to the hands making them more feminine. And not just a Photoshop adjust, an actual model change lol.

nitrox721 - The clothing were built in program called Marvelous Designer. It makes building clothes easy and then runs a pretty good dynamics simulation. The rest of the detailing was done in ZBrush, but the actual fabric pattern was just a simple bump map when it was rendered in Maya.

joe55 - The skin detail was surprisingly easy. I projected actual skin textures of a woman from 3D.sk, and once they were on the body I used ZBrush’s “Mask by intensity” option in the masking section and that masked everything except for pores and wrinkles. After that I inverted the mask and through a combination of the “inflate” brush and “inflate Deformation option” plus some just old fashion pushing and pulling I was able to get a great base of skin detail.

tobbeo - The Suicide Girl look is nothing surprising, to be honest a lot of that was inspiration. Its obviously an acquired taste and not for everybody, but I wanted to try something a little different than swords and robots(before I get back to swords and robots)

THX, I actually have a few more renders surprisingly…

As this project was originally an anatomy and texturing project, I wanted to show off the figure I sculpted and painted. I apologize for the “hairlessness” and the seams, these were a bit older renders, however I still like what they present.


Really awesome. The cloth is fantastic. Sometimes pure white/black cloth is really hard to pull off IMO.

Great overall job, and good grasp on anatomy forms!
Her breast has a strange shape, but I think you modeled it in this way to simulate the cloth compression on it.
Also, in my opinion the skin is too bumpy, particularly under her right breast, where deep spots are visible.

I’m interested in your process for making the cloth: did you put the cloth on the already posed model, or you made the cloth on the model in a T shape and then posed everything together?

Also, how did you made such beautiful tattoos?