a web-like curtain connecting two 3d objects

Hi all artists.
Kindly advise how I could make a web-like
fabric that connects two objects, being half
transparent in a way of silk, wavy so; or a fascia, covering the open muscle.

something tissuelike? sounds like a 2.5 paintjob to me, but i dont really understand what you are aiming at - so there might be 3d ways as well - maybe you can display a sketch or something similar?

  • juandel

Yes, dear Juandel.
It should, in fact, connect two 3D objects and be also 3D, so that the whole scene could be turn round to see that curtain.
Sending image of the blue ligamentum, connecting uteus and ovary below the tube.
I want it wavy,soft,half transparent, whitish, also in 3D, as though a piece of silk scarf falling down.

Anatom :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi anatom2003, something like this…?


very close, Venezuella!
The uterus is enrapped by this tissue (peritoneum), then, as a very thin material, exactly transparent, like in your pic,it also covers the tube and hangs down therefrom.
How can one make this lining 3D?

How can I insert images just after or within the text in my messages, like you did?

Thanks so much.

so you are wanting to make realistic guts?

Hi Anatom2003 I work in this image with your left photo…let me know if this kind of result you need

Hi Anatom
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now I seem to undestand where to start to look for.
Thanks all.
As to my plan.
I desire to make 3D anatomy presentations, where part of organism could be shown voluminic, colored with natural texture as seen by a surgeon/endoscopist.
The organ (several organs) should turn round
to show pathology. Zbrush is an just the tool for it. Only I need more time and your help to master it.


This is a quicky “blob” I made… Not sure if I understand completely what you’re looking for, but is the image below similar to it? I created the two outer images on the same layer, then turned off flatten layers in the render palette and created a new layer and made the connecting center section then adjusted the transparency slider in the materials palette. Maybe that will help lead you in the right direction.

That’s exactly what I want to learn to do!
Only it should all be in 3D: red objects and
cloudy silky material (later the vascular net
texture is applied to the silky).
Can you make such all in mesh?

Thanks, Nocturnal.


hi anatom :slight_smile: it definitely is possible to combine several 3d-objects into one 3d-complex that can be rotated (check out all the multi-marker/polymesh-threads in QuickLinks - also the silken weblike connection should not be a problem for someone good at modelling - the tricky thing as far as i can see is the transparency thingie for which there are several ways i know of (and which already have been shown here) for 2.5d stills but right now i cant think of one in rotating 3d (though there probably is one :))… hum hum, the only workaround i can think up right now would be to do the silken thingie at reduced rgb-settings, place a marker (as well as one for the 2 other objects) and then display the whole set in multi-marker mode (without doing a polymesh), which isnt a 3d object per se but looks like one and can be rotated in edit mode - though move and size actions would have to be executed in gyro-mode. that means you should save the zbrush-document empty but for the markers, open it when you want to show it to your clients, load the objects one by one into tools-palette as well as the materials/textures, go for multi-marker - voila. i will try to do a script as soon as i find a little time, but as i am mucho busy this will most likely take some days - time enough for one of the masters to come up with a much better solution :smiley:

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