A way to keep palettes expanded on startup?


I was wondering if there is a way to keep subpalettes expanded on startup?

For example, I keep my tool palette docked to the right side, but would like to have my subtool, geometry and layers palettes expanded on start up as well, since i typically go and manually open them after start.

Saving UI and config doesn’t seem to save whether your subpalettes are expanded or not.


You can do it with a macro but you’d have to press the macro button (or assign and use a hotkey) after you’ve loaded a project. This is so the sub-palettes actually exist before you try and open them.

Here’s a macro for you. Save the txt file in the ZBrush\ZStartup\Macros\Misc folder. The button should then appear in the Macro palette.

Thanks for you help

Seems to be very useful, as i’m looking for the same. What key should I press to open those palettes?

install instructions are in post #2

Im stupid, i dont get it. I did it, and theyre not expanded.

Btw, when im customizing my UI, i have a single row on top, how can I make it wider?