A newbie checks into ZBrush Central for the first time...

Hello All!

This is my first post here (so be gentle with me, please). I have had ZBrush for a while now but never really got into it until the latest version came out. With the Insert Multi-mesh tool, it became much too useful to neglect learning any longer.
My first project was to make some necklace chains, which had been on my To-do List for a long time, but put off because they would take too long to position each link by hand. With the IMM and the curve brush function it was now easily doable.
Here are my first forays into ZBrush, and how I eventually used the chains.

[The other programs used for the final image were Marvelous Designer (for the dress and hat); Poser (yes, yes, I know…smile) for the feathers and render; and Photoshop for a few post-render tweaks.]

I’m looking forward to doing much, much more in ZBrush in days and months to come.






The necklace imm came out great. Nice job. :+1:

Zbrush is fun, ehh?


Thanks, Ezra!
Fun, yep!, … but it’s taking a while to work through the interface’s complexity. Quite a bit of heavy-duty fire-power buried in those buttons.