A new node tool for Zbrush 3D Layers

Hi, guys

I made a new tool for 3D Layers. I call it ZLayerNode. I will release it in Gumroad. Hope you can like using it slight_smile: )

ZLayerNode is a plugin for ZBrush, which is an auxiliary software developed based on 3D Layers. Turn the 3D Layers into visual nodes, so as to truly play its nonlinear characteristics.
1,Convenient node operation, the position of the node can be adjusted at will by dragging and dropping, and it is convenient to organize.
2,Free parameter adjustment mode can be adjusted individually or uniformly. The adjustable parameters are Intensity and visible and editable.
3,Convenient overall operation, by selecting the node you want to change, you can perform Layer inversion, merge, delete and other operations at once, it can save a lot of time.
4,Improved the control process of some ZBrush.
5,Fixed some layer operation bugs in ZBrush itself.

Hi, guys

My plugin has released.

Hope you can enjoy it.

I provided a free version.

I hope everyone will try it.