A long over due visit to ZBC

I’ve been SO absent from a former home of mine right here at ZBC. I started using ZBrush back in the late 1990’s (insane to even say it out loud!) and back then I was gainfully employed out there in the real world. What do I do now? Well I train ZBrush of course.

I thought I’d post to try and catch up with some of my old friends and gather up some of my early ZModeler images into little gallery. I pretty much use Modeller everyday now alongside Maya and Cinema4D and I’ve resorted to it on countless projects recently. Wireframe shots in ZB, something I used to only dream of!

Amazing Summit Pixologic!













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speechless - looks like a zmodeler masterclass.
Is this zbrush only for modelling?
Extremly cool done!

Adding a few more






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Yeah. 100% ZBrush for all modeling. These were back when I was first tinkering with it and learning the tools. I’ve just finished training at LEGO in Denmark and I get a massive kick out of training ZModeler to experienced Poly modellers as I know how helpful it can be.

Follow your blog also. crazee to see u flying with Maya these days but I guess Silo’s been languishing for awhile now (maybe the recent news of re-invigoration is true…hopefully).

Those are some great and intricate designs. Must be in sync with your tutelage at Lego! like building blocks on steroids.

Big fan of your character work.

Hopefully you’ll find more time to post.

Seriously Jazzed your Back!!! You got me Hooked back in 2000 with Zbrush, looking at your Images and Tutorials. Love your Zmodelling Skills, off the Chart! Funny you did a Gunship from the Last Fighter too, of course I tweeked mine a bit. Good to have you Back




Definite top row material! Should you ever find time I would love to see a video or breakdown explaining some of workflow. I think myself and maybe many others would greatly benefit from seeing someone with such a solid grasp of Zmodeller. :smiley:

Congratulations with Top Row, well deserved. I love the wireframe shots of the truck and the creature on it, could you advise us how you made these wireframe shots, did you use PS?

Amazing HardSurface!! Crazy Details!! great works and congrats on the toprow pal!!

Thanks all. My workflow is very, very simple. I pretty much learned to use ZModeler watching Joseph Drusts early videos and then slowly worked out what tools I needed and practiced them. QMesh is just dreamy most of the time and drilling them holes click, click done.

Felix: I didn’t record the Gunstar as it was a very early attempt with Modeller but I did an hour long video about some of the workflow by adding guns.

hey glenn!

so pleased to see you start posting again. i used to soak up all your stuff from the old silo forum. great stuff. i really learned a lot from your work.
the models here is damn impressive. i wouldn’t know where to start on a thing like this.

keep posting.


Thank you for the blast of Inspiration; it totally took me by surprise!

Very impressive work here. I haven’t had a chance to dive into Zmodeler very much yet, but the bit of poking around I have done has left me really noticing the lack of some features. I wonder if you, and anyone else, could elaborate on where you think zmodeler offers a real advantage over regular poly-modeling?

Hi Glen, some excellent hard surface work there!

I’m having a look at your Gunstar video right now to check out your ZModeler workflow. I’ve played about with the zmodeler brush but haven’t been able to get good results with it so far.

Hopefully see you again in Dublin soon.

  • Tom

Such an amazing work, i think it was hard to do.thanks.

It is so great to see you posting again Glen! This stuff is stellar…and yeah ZModeler is great. I can spend hours diddling around with it.

…the return! :sunglasses:

Welcome back Glen! Good to see you around. This stuff is just amazing! Zmodeler combined with the knowledge from your Sub-D Primer :wink: has made Z a complete pleasure to work with.

Welcome back Glen!! Congrats on top row buddy! Your models look great! You have that Zmodeler mastered I think. I’ll hafta pick your brain about it for sure!

Congrats on Top Row, you really deserve it. Cool images.

It was so great having you here at LEGO :smiley:

All the best