A little tutorial about adding Notes

Hi all,

After a bit of inspiration from Polaris30 :slight_smile: I thought I would do a short tutorial on adding notes to a zscript. It’s a ZScript with notes and is in text format so you can examine the code too!:smiley:

Hope you find it useful.



Great little tutorial. I always have to figure this stuff out each time I get ready to create some popup notes.

At the very end you slip in a note with a color background! How to change background color might be a nice thing to add to your tutorial… I’m always surprised and pleased to see some script that changes the note background from the drab, default gray.

Another thing you might add is a break down of the Note command itself: what parameters go between each comma?

Thanks for this… I will be using it.

And now, for your second tutorial, how about explaining how to put all those INote controls to work in notes? The best implimentation I’ve seen so far of the Note-based controls (excluding Pixolator’s Projection Master) is the cool utility from TVeyes called XYZAdjust. He set the bar pretty high with that one little popup!

Anyway, good work on this post - many should find it very helpful.


Thanks Marcus, I also have trouble remembering the intricacies of note making. And I must admit I never realised you could color the background of a note. Thanks for sharing. The suggestion Sven made would help me. Multiple viewings of the script with the note parameters included will help me tons. Flashcard learning works.

Svengali: I was writing a Note interface tutorial but put it on hold. I was not sure if anybody was still interested. But we have a couple of new zscriptors around and maybe now is the time?


Many thanks for your kind words and I shall do as you suggest and extend the tutorial a little…

As for XYZAdjust…


Thanks for the encouragement. I would certainly be interested in a tutorial on making a Note interface. Can’t wait. :wink:



I’ill be watching for the update! Thanks!

[edit: p.s. take a look at Aurick’s tut on Notes . It’s good.]


The techniques for creating a Popup Interface would make for an interesting and useful tutorial. (The absence of a slider control presents a challenge that you seem to have solved - amazing.) Anyway, if you find time for it, there will be other scriptors who would be most appreciative (like me :D).

The popup interface provides a very convenient way to expand the functionality of the conventional ZScript just using NoteIButtons, NoteISwitches, images and icons, a lot like drop-down menus do. The “real estate” in the normal Zscript window is only so large.

A super example of popup interface implementation is Digit’s Zif Click 2. It compartmentalizes his ZSphere operations very nicely.

(However, the choice of orange backgrounds for the popups is not the one I would have made :o )

Teaser: I’m working on a surprising new ZScript interface innovation of my own. I will post an example, soon.

later, Sven

Very COOL!!!

Thankyou for this tutorial :D:+1: