A horse challenge

A horse CparkA.jpg

My first animal anatomy study in the last class.
It was little bit hard work and took alot of time.
I made many mistake with managing files from Maya into Zbush.
When I sculted him with Zbrush 2.0, actually I didn’t know how I can manage displacemap and texture. I didn’t know what kind of process I need to work before importing OBJ file from MAYA into Zbrush to start to work. After about 3 weeks I found I missed to manage the texture thing (UV texture Editor) in Maya. Therefore I can not apply displacement map in Maya. But I leraned very important thing by it.
Do and check the UV texture in UV editor before working in Zbush. ^^

However, I learn many skills and function of Zbrush.
I found Zbrish is very powerful tool to sculpt.

Keep up the work and enjoy!!:slight_smile:

Very nice first post, Carrie :+1: Well-studied and modeled anatomy :slight_smile:


Carrie, i believe you can import your maya low poly cage with UV"s into your high res zbrush model, as long as you havent done any editing of the points or the surface in maya.

Oh, and great horse by the way, look forward to more of your work.

you can import your maya low poly cage with UV"s into your high res zbrush model
Yes; as spaceboy412 has said - just ensure your ZTool is at level 1 prior to importing your newly UVV’ed mesh :slight_smile:
This won’t affect any of your modeling level-editing at all.


Thanks alot! Chris , spaceboy412 !!!
It worked when I followed as you guys said.
It wasn’t difficult at all.
Now I can give uvmaps to my other models with same way.
Thanks again and have a great day! :smiley: