A couple of questions re opening tool/projects and brush tip visibility

When I used 2018 on opening it and hitting load tool it would open the folder I ad previously been using by default.
now on 2020 I always have to navigate from the zb default folder.
what do i do to change this behaviour , cant see a menu or anything?

Secondly something I would find useful in many instances.
This being able to see the extents of the brush I am using [toggle on and off feature] does this feature exist anywhere?
check out the ghosted brush tip in this vid to be clear on my meaning:
ghosted brush tip in Geomagic Sensable app

Not a biggies but useful when working in a confined area.

Many thanks

In “Preferences > Misc”, disable “Use ZFolders”.

Thanks for your reply.
I looked at this button before and its not highlighted so off ,that’s what confuses me , its off on 2018 too but that does its thing.
weirding ways of ZB

When you first launch ZBrush, yes it will default to a ZFolder, which it didn’t do in ZBrush 2018, so you are right there, but any other folder you navigate to during your current session, ZBrush will remember the last folder used with “Use ZFolders” disabled. It works OK for me in ZBrush 2020, so if that is not the behavior you are seeing, you should submit a support ticket.

Yep that,s the one, it would be nice to have it behaving like the 2018 version as an option.

It might be just an oversight by the development team. I don’t think it would have been intentional. You should notify support in case they are not aware of it. That way, it might get fixed in the next update.

I just tried this in ZBrush 2019.1.2 and it’s defaulting to the ZFolder there too, the same as ZBrsuh 2020, so it’s been like this for a while.