A Big Baroque Arc

I’ve posted other parts of this interior before just ahead of the forum changing, still do not have better pictures of the interior itself. The models have done in Zbrush for CNC production. I hope you’ll like it.

v1_0 v1_3
30 17


oh this is very nice. :slight_smile: the CNC result is great too!

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Wow that is a massive install! Excellent work as always =) Thanks for sharing!


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Thank you Guys, yes it took its time :slight_smile:

Looks gorgeous Dmitrii :clap: great apartment too, where is it located?

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Thank you @jaime it’s near Saint Petersburg, Russia. A private project.

Another beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you Paul! I’m going to make masterclass with @ryankingslien so am reviewing all my works now.

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I love seeing Zbrush used for this stuff! Always inspirational.

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