A Beginners Guide : Zbrush to 3DS Max Pipeline.


I am very happy to present you with a guide that I have spent the last two weeks putting together!

Zbrush 3.1 to 3DS Max 2008 Pipeline: A (Very) Rough Guide
Pipeline Banner.jpg

It is a guide demonstrating a very basic, but highly effective, pipeline between Zbrush and 3DS Max. It will show you how to take a model you have created in Zbrush into 3DS Max for the purposes of rendering with MentalRay.

There are 5 Chapters in the guide:

Chapter 1 - Starting in Zbrush
Chapter 2 - Creating UV’s using Blender
Chapter 3 - Back to Zbrush to paint and create maps
Chapter 4 - Photoshopping your maps
Chapter 5 - 3DS Max (using MentalRay to render out your model)

I have tried to make this guide as thorough as possible, explaining every step I take and why I took it, as well as attempting to walk you through each program used as if you were new to it. It is a full colour PDF file, 32 pages long and has screenshots to go along with almost every step of the guide. I have tried my best to approach this from a first-time-user’s point of view for Blender and Max.

This has taken me a while to put together, so I truly hope you enjoy it and find it useful!


To get to the file, right click the provided link and select Save Target As…
PDF Document, 5MB in size.


Very generous of you Adam! I was looking for something similiar to try out a workflow to Max and this might be exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile: Good choice to use Blender for UV:s.
At work so can not test the workflow but will be interesting to try it out at home. Lots of pages in the tutorial but I for one really appreciate all the time you put into this tutorial!

This is brilliant…absolutely what I need. Thank you.

Im a complete newbie to all things other than z brush. I just started a 3DS Max training course and this compliments it so well.

Never be afraid of posting more of your tutorials…They are wonderful

Adam, This is fantastic! I have been struggling through any tutorial I could find online and thumbing through books for tips and have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to make good maps from my zbrush models. As you say, there may be better ways of doing it, but this is the first time I’ve understood it enough to make it work.

Thanks for your time and consideration! Have to go and get busy now…

Seriously man, this is fantastic. I’ve been struggling as well. MAX 2008 and 2009 users have a lot of unanswered questions and this certainly gets you moving in the right direction. PROPS. Thanks a bunch!

Eonsuu, ministerart, lawndart and poohdinkie:
its a pleaure guys, glad to be of help in some small way :slight_smile:

It is saying that the file will not download and is corrupt or something?

Can you repost the PDF?


Hi Chris
Thank you for your message.

Are you right clicking on the link and selecting “Save Target As”?

I just tried now and it works perfectly, and i opened up the PDF from the download and there are no errors. maybe your acrobat isnt up to date?


mradamw this pdf of yours A Beginners Guide : Zbrush to 3DS Max Pipeline has been much needed by noobs.
The section using 3DS Max 2008 is fully applicable to 3DS Mac 2009.
Max 2009 has the following enhancements that improve work flow:

  1. Interactive rendering - Autodesk video
  2. Materials and Maps - Autodesk video
  3. Mapping - Autodesk video

Would be very interested in reading this…any chance on getting a link to it?

hi, yeah the link appears to be broken. ill look around for another place to host the file and will change the adress wen its done :slight_smile:
by end of today it should be up

Hi !
Too bad for the file, that is just what I was searching for ! :cry:

Please, someone has the PDF and can give an alternative link, pleeeeeaaaaase ?


Yeah, can we get a new link please?

alexis flamand, Squash-n-Stretch: im so sorry i havent sorted the link out yet guys. saying im pretty busy with work at the moment would be a gross understatement (im sneaking this reply in AT work and its 9.30pm…so im sure you can imagine my pain :P)
when its done ill let you all know.
again, really sorry!!!

well thank you very match for doing this but i cant download the pdf :frowning: is it my problem or is your link down

freak - please read the comments above. im aware the link is down, but unfortunately im too busy to sort it out at the moment. this weekend ill make time for it. thanks for the post though, nice to see people are interested :slight_smile:

i did but i just whana to be shure and its allways good to post back and keep the posts alive :slight_smile:

i’d like 2 read this guide too, so please post some here when link gon be alive again

sure. will do :slight_smile:
sorry again.

looking forward to seeing it…if you need somewhere to host it…throw it my way and i’ll push it up on one of my websites…i work for a webhosting company!

steve g